Dear DealDeyholic,
Today I am once again at a cross-road between who I am and who I’d like to be. At one end of the spectrum I know nothing about romance. Like a baby, I still suck on the nipples of mother nature and poop my pants every once in a while. At the second side of it all, I am nothing short of a helpless romantic. In the words of the great ‘I can’t remember what her name is’ “I am in love with love.”

After all is said and done, what I really want to do is make this Valentine day or V-day for short a special one not just for myself but for everyone else regardless of my self-acclaimed bi-polar nature. I am neither a teacher or a master of words. I know a lot but knowing is really not enough. I know and I must do. By knowing and doing, I become a true master of myself and …I digress.

To make this really easy for you, I have researched on the 5 love languages and have come up with some great V-day gift ideas that will help make it really special for the ones you love.
Let us begin:

1. Receiving Gifts: iPhone 1…legbegbe, iPhone 2…legbege, iPhone X… Well, let’s work within our budget for this one. Gifts are best received when they come from a place of love and your partner is not breaking the bank or going on an unsolicited fast for the next 40 days. Knowing what your partner likes is key at this point. But popular demands like cupcakes, chocolates, roses, teddy bears, puppies, hampers, jewelry, fashion wears, etc. still take the driver seat.

P.S. No Singlet and boxers this 2018 biko!

2. Words of Affirmation: For some of us, words mean a lot. Whether it be good or bad, spoken in a loud Yoruba accent with saliva drooling down the mouth or a soft whisper, the words we hear from the people we care about can leave a scar deep within our soul or take us right into Narnia, where all we experience is joy and unending happiness.

V-Day Idea: Take your loved one out on a romantic dinner, write them a poem or a letter about how much they mean to you or just memories of the impact they have made in your life thus far and the memories shared. Have them read it during the dinner or send it across if you both live apart. Spice things up with a box of Roses or sing their favorite song some time during the night. Thank me later.

3.Acts of Service: Simple acts of service from the ones we love always leaves a soothing impression on those of us who care about the littlest of things. Simple gestures such as Grocery shopping, holding the door, picking up the laundry, helping out with a presentation, etc. mean a lot to us. We do not take this for granted and be sure to score some points if this is part of your V-day recipe.

V-day Idea: Surprise your loved one with a home cooked meal. if you do not know how to cook, I really suggest you order-in so as not to make a mess of yourself (it is the thought that counts anyway). Prepare everything from dressing the table, ordering a delectable bottle of wine, feet rub (if you’re into that) and just have your loved one sit back and enjoy the moment with you being the man/woman of their dreams.

4. Physical Touch: We are mammals to say the least. You may argue this out but let’s do that in the comment section. As mammals, being touched, caressed, fondled and cuddled is a norm. Like the old saying goes… Body no be firewood;

V-day Idea: Make reservations for two at your favorite spa and hotel. Preferably choose a spa with options that include a jacuzzi tub and a sauna steam bath. Afterwards, you can both retire to your hotel, cuddle all night and talk about making cute babies together among other things *wink*

5. Quality Time: Time waits for no man. All we can do is live our best lives with each passing day and create the best memories we can. (Y.O.L.O) I personally love to spend quality time with the one I love. They keyword here is “quality”, meaning watching Big Brother all day in the house and not paying me any attention does not count. Quality is all about doing something we both enjoy or just sacrificing a portion of your day listening to your loved one talk, see a movie, walk on the beach, etc. It is times like these you get to reflect, evaluate, plan and really do some growing together.

V-day Idea: Going out to see a stage play, movie date, having a picnic, taking a walk on the beach or just taking a vacation to a resort where you both can have a moment of silence and really just get into yourselves for a short period of time can be really rewarding and memorable.

This is where I draw the curtain. If any of these strike a chord in your soul, remember to leave a comment and also share with your friends and family.

I wish you and yours a Happy Valentine Day and I hope it is magical and beautiful. XoXo