We all want to be that person with a permanently clean house, but the truth is, we really don’t know how to achieve this goal.

Most of us don’t necessarily enjoy cleaning, but everyone loves the feeling of coming home to a clean house. So, what’s the secret to keeping things clean?

Now that the kids are back to school and you are back to doing you, here are some secrets you can infuse into your everyday life.


Secret 1: Start by making your bed

If there’s one thing you can control in the day’s chaos that lies ahead, it’s your bed. It doesn’t take but a few minutes, but this easy task sets your day up for success. Even if it’s just a hurried smoothing out of the comforter, making your bed helps you start your day with a sense of productivity and order that’s likely to carry through to the next thing you do.


Secret 2: Cleaning Supplies

Always make sure that you have house cleaning supplies daily, as this would help you get the work done whenever you feel like it!

Now, We know that some of us would like to get to this routine but we first have to get the house deep cleaned first; we need the whole works from fumigation, to laundry, to other household chores. These tasks may seem really huge and scary, but not to worry, on DealDey, we have all the services you need to make your life easy!


Secret 3: The Hanging Racks

There are a few things that we use everyday, or atleast make reference to everyday, like clothes, shoes, bags, towels and so on. Because of how often we use or make reference to these things, we always have them laying around, and they become the cluster. How do we take care of the cluster, and at the same time have these things having around?

*drum rolls* The Hanging Rack!!

The hanging rack or organizer allows you to keep the things you need within arms reach. There are different types of racks and you can have as many of them as you please.


Secret 4: Tackle laundry daily

Avoid overflowing hampers by giving your washer a work out each day. It’s an unavoidable task (keeping your family clothed is kind of necessary), so if you do it on a consistent basis, it won’t pile up and take over your entire Saturday. You can also have your affordable laundry service come pick up your clothes on a weekly basis, that way you never run out of clean clothes.


Secret 5: Clean your fridge/freezer on a weekly basis

Electricity is not exactly constant, at this side of the Atlantic, hence sometimes we might have our groceries and food go bad in the fridge/freezer if we aren’t careful. This then emits foul odors that make the house smell funky. Give your refrigerator a weekly refresh. Not only will cleaning your fridge help you keep things spick-and-span and odorless, but it will also help you create an accurate list of what you need on your next run to the store.