There are times when the weekends are not enough. Many times I feel there is a quick fast forward whenever the weekends approach and we are back at work again!

You don’t have to hate Mondays. Work could be quite hectic but you have to find a way to stay on top of pressures and only attract the positives.

Here are a few rules to observe at work through the week.

1. Stay Calm

Many times the reason why we lose it under pressure is because we are angry at something. When anger continues to pile up and we can’t take it in any longer, we just lose it on someone. Many times that attitude can come back to still bite us.

So why not take it easy this week? You could work in a relaxation session into your week, to help you cool your nerves.

Stay calm and stay focused. Take short sharp deep breaths. A short break can even help. Just don’t lose it today.


2. Plan your activities

Don’t jumble your day and end up all stressed out! Schedule your activities, follow a timeline and satisfy all clients and pending matters appropriately.. Always plan ahead, so you can resolve other emergency issues that come up at work.


3. Have Lunch

Food helps increase your energy and productivity levels. Skipping lunch only ends up making you irritable, tired and less productive; hence regular tasks and activities begin to feel bigger and harder than they actually are. You can either bring lunch from home, or order for lunch at work.


4. Be prepared

Opportunities always meet those that are ready. Be prepared for anything and everything. Always be open and ready to give an extra hand if need be. Always be prepared to resolve things if they are going downhill. This could come in place of taking extra responsibilities or reliving others of their work duties. This is after you have satisfied those on your own list.


5. Give more

Always go the extra mile at your workplace. Let your extra abilities be what your company thrives on. Become the critical person in your establishment for making crucial decisions. Extra is always rewarded. Be Extra! You might not presently have the competence necessary for you to be extra, so you could simply enroll for professional courses and become a better professional!


6. Spend Wisely

One way to spend wisely this week is by shopping a wide variety of discounts to help you achieve more efficiency at work. From lunch, to professional trainings and relaxation massages, these things help you be the best version of yourself at work. Invest in making yourself the ultimate best version of you!

Armed with all these, go into this week and conquer!