The average Nigerian has one complaint or the other about this country. The assertions, usually, are not far-fetched because we have consistently witnessed upheavals in politics and social life.

The truth, however, is that while the idea of changing Nigeria is actually daunting, it can be achieved. Rather than just complaining, a little effort from us, as citizens, on an individual level, can actually reverberate and make waves. You do not need to be a world leader or be an OBO to make the difference, you can just start with the following:


  1. Educate yourself on topics that matter

Ignorance is a huge set back for many Nigerians. Ignorance is a gentle killer. Do not be the citizen who sits and swallows whatever information is dished to him hook, line and sinker. Research, listen to cable news, news podcasts, read newspapers, read news blogs and be informed. 

If you are going to argue in the bus with other passengers about politics and policies (which you really shouldn’t be doing..), the least you can do is to be appropriately informed oga!

  1. Keep your environment clean

It sounds totally cliche but it is a crucial step to bettering our country. It is easy to throw the Gala wrapper out of the window when commuting . You may even believe that it is easier to pee by the roadside than look for a toilet nearby, but Uncle why are urinating by the roadside ehn? All these misbehavior add up to making the environment less attractive and unappealing. Start by keeping your home and your immediate environs clean, if you aren’t able to do your chores yourself, get affordable domestic services. A clean environment becomes a clean country.

  1. Be kind. Give

Random acts of kindness go a long way in alleviating poverty and reducing stress. It is easy to be selfish with time, money, and resources, but if we really do seek forward movement, we need to look at the bigger picture and try being generous with our resources. Not everyday “God will provide”, sometimes let God use you to provide for someone else. You can learn the art of giving and kindness, by sending affordable gift items or even experiences, to your friends and loved ones.

  1. Patronize local businesses

Patronizing Nigerian owned businesses helps boost the economy. When money is infused into the economy by local businesses, we have a growing economy and better quality of life, you can find local businesses in our different areas and even online.

Cultivate the habit of buying from offline and online companies that are Nigeria owned, and based; e.g DealDey.

Nigeria is really all we have. Safe for those with dual citizenship, this is the only place that we can actually call our own. We need to do our better in making our country great.

Make Naija no go spoil for our hand o!