Like the old saying, “Today is the first day of the rest of your life,” it’s never a bad time to start moving your career in a better direction. As our culture promotes constant personal and professional growth, there’s no reason for you not to advance your career to empower yourself and improve your resume, ultimately increasing your self-worth and your income.

These tips for career advancement can be applied to almost any type of occupation:


  1. Pay attention

Treat every workday like a school day. Be sure you learn something and use it to make yourself more productive. It doesn’t have to relate to your skills set. It may be as simple as understanding how to work with specific peers or emotional intelligence. Take mental notes. Don’t sleepwalk through the day.


  1. Plan

You need to excel at your job. This is how you gain credibility. And to perform even better, you need to hone your skills and empower yourself with courses and professional trainings that can take you to the next position in the organization.


  1. Look for the Next Rung

Even while you’re still in the employ of your current organization, think of the next step of your career. Whether you have been in your current position for ten minutes or ten years, you’re sure to be thinking about climbing the corporate ladder. You can advance in your career by pursuing an advanced degree, developing personal and professional skills, or simply networking within your particular field.


  1. Be sensitive to opportunities around you:

Sometimes, opportunities surface in the workplace when in-house trainings are organized. Take advantage of them to build yourself up, especially if they don’t cost you anything. Also sharpen your professional skills by offering to take on more and different types of work within your organization.


  1. Networking

Getting to know other professionals in your field, both within and apart from your organization, can help with career advancement. Attending business luncheons, seminars, professional conferences and corporate events can put you in touch with those who might be able to provide new insight on your profession. The wider your professional circle, the more career advancement opportunities might come your way.


Whatever you choose to do this year, make sure that career advancement and self-development is a huge part of it. Don’t forget that confidence comes from empowerment, and that in itself comes from knowledge. Empower yourself with the right skills today and you’d be amazed at how opportunities will roll your way!