Hey guys! It’s SugaRush

Hope you had a great week,

My week was great actually, it was Customer Service week and we got to play “dress up” for different days at the office, of course I slayed all through cos it was really a time for me to show-off! Yass girl!. We also had almost unlimited supply of candy, which is heaven for sweet tooths like me! So you can say, I kinda had a lovely week.

The weekend is finally upon us, and I have a plan! Every other weekend, we have been going out and enjoying the life and times of Lagos, so how about we take the time to relax and enjoy our own company this weekend?! Yes? Cool! Here are a few ideas of things you could do to take care of yourself this weekend.


  1.  Go Swimming:

Lagos has been HOT for the past few weeks, and a swim could be the perfect way to relax and cool down. I personally enjoy swimming ‘cos it gives me the opportunity to wear my fancy bikinis in peace, don’t judge me 😄, and I really do love the ease that comes with being in the water, it’s so refreshing. I know that some of us can’t swim at all, well you can start learning how to swim this week, there are really great swimming classes that you could opt for, click here to signup for really great swimming class.


  1. Have personal grooming:

Going out everyday, sweating, being under the sun and all sorts, affect our skin and our private areas. You can take time out this weekend, to get yourself back in order. Here are a few things you can do, exfoliate (ladies, try this vajacials out and thank me later), take a steam bath, go for a facial scrub and maybe just go to the spa.

  1.  Clean Up:

During the week, it is hard to find time to clean up, this weekend you can get all your cleaning done! From laundry to fumigation and overall domestic chores, you can get it all done this weekend. This help you have a more productive week ahead.

  1. Sleep:

Take quality time to sleep and rest your body. Sleep helps you rejuvenate and puts you back in shape to take on the following week. It is very important that we take some time to shut down everything and indulge in deep sleep. You deserve to rest!

Woman sleeping on bed in hotel room, close-up

Don’t forget that while we spend the weekend relaxing and taking care of ourselves, we can also always go to DealDey to shop for all the things that we need, like they always say, Shopping is therapeutic!

Have an amazing weekend!!