DealDey Black Friday 2017, 24th of November  – The Real Black Friday!

The Real Black Friday - Choose Your Clan
Experience the Real Black Friday!

Black Friday that’s not on the 4th Friday in November, Is that one Black Friday?

DealDey Black Friday takes place on 24th of November, 2017, not a week, not a month, that’s why it’s the Real Black Friday!

Last year we took a step, you heard a Bang, this year we are taking more steps and you’re going to hear Dealdadagang!

However, We’ll let you decide how you want to win this year’s rewards.

Set before you are 3 DealDeyholic Clans, You can be one or You can be all, Your Choice!

1.) The Adventurers:

The Adventurer Clan - DealDey Black Friday
Become an adventurer, Leave a Review

Are you an adventurer? Have you been to over 20 places in your city? Become 1 of our top Reviewers & Win Cash Vouchers for Black Friday.

Win amazing cash rewards for your reviews! Search for any business you’ve visited and leave a Quality & Detailed review on DealDey.

How To Win:

How to win N10,000 Cash Voucher on DealDey

How to Review:

How to review

T&C apply1.

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 2.) The Loyalists:

Join This Clan – Become a Loyalist

DealDey will be offering special discounts & exciting games before Black Friday (24th November 2017).

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 3.) The Wise Ones


The Wise Clan
Join The Wise Clan – DealDey Black Friday

Are you a thinker? Do you want to be known as  A Wise One? Answer our Social Media Brain Teasers to Win awesome Products, Services & Cash Vouchers, courtesy of DealDey.

More Details Coming Soon.

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There you have it guys,  you have all it takes to Win Awesome Discounts, 100% Free Deals & Cash Voucher Rewards.

Experience Black Friday traditions, Experience a DealDey Black Friday, Experience the REAL BLACK FRIDAY!


1. Terms & Conditions for Adventurers

  • Top Reviewers will be ranked according to the Quality & Quantity of their reviews.
  • Quantity refers to a minimum of 20 reviews.
  • Quality reviews will include comments on service delivery, environment, staff behaviour & Pictures
  • Only Top 50 Adventurers/Reviewers will be given cash voucher rewards.
  • Cash Vouchers can only be used on DealDey.
  • This Campaign ends on 20th Nov 2017
  • All Vouchers must be used before 27th of November, 2017.