So this is it! The holiday is finally over and the precious little darlings are back in school. You’ve bought backpacks and lunch bags, and negotiated what is and isn’t suitable attire for the first day back at school. And unless you are one of those brave souls who chooses to home-school, your house definitely going to be quieter, and less chaotic during the day.

Finally, you have your well deserved free time, at least for some hours during the day, and we have a lot of ideas on how you can spend these luxury hours, and save some money while at it, with amazing discounts.

Before you do anything, I strongly recommend drinking a cup of tea in peace for the first time in three months, without anyone wanting snacks, shoes tied, or help finding a piece of lego virtually invisible to the naked eye. After you’ve done that, here are a few ideas for you:

    1. Pamper Yourself

The past 3 months has majorly been filled with you taking care of everybody but yourself. You only got to have a decent bath maybe once and if you were lucky twice a day, every other personal grooming went out the window. Well now, you can get all the personal care and grooming that you need right here. Enjoy a relaxing time at the spa or at the salon, getting your manicure and pedicure done. Just imagining it is relaxing already!


   2. Get the house in order:

Having kids around all day, everyday for 3 months must have taken a big toll on the house. From writing on the wall, to pouring drinks on the rug and hiding snacks in-between the couch seats, kids find new and improved ways to make the house a mess. Now that they are gone, you can finally get your thorough cleaning done. Getting all this cleaning done yourself can be super exhausting, but we have all the help you need right here. Top notch local services are provided for you, from house cleaning to laundry and even fumigation.


     3. LIVE!

It is most likely that you have not had a healthy dose of fun activities designed specifically for adults during the holiday, now we can have all the fun you want! Regardless of what you call fun, from some alone time with your partner, to a lovely lunch date, high speed Go Kart racing, a well deserved getaway and comedy events or musical concerts, whatever your fun is, we have got you covered right here!

For our dear readers, do not have these little darlings going back to school but are just as excited to back to taking care of themselves and saving more with amazing discounts, we have got you covered right here!