Many of us fall into routines with our hygiene habits. The hard pill to swallow is that most of us are doing it wrong. Many of the things we think we know, or grew up assuming, are in fact hurting our health. This list will open your eyes to better hygiene tips that will improve the health and quality of your life:


  1. Over-bathing

A clean body can breathe. The obvious appeal is removing dirt, scum, bacteria, old skin, and other environmental extras that can cause sicknesses and deterioration. But keep in mind though that over-bathing can lead to infections and irritation too. The dry and open areas from washing too much can increase the chances of bacteria getting deeper into your skin.

  1. Brushing and flossing after every meal

You shouldn’t form the habit of brushing and flossing after every meal – it’s detrimental to your teeth and gums! Brushing twice a day (morning and evening) is enough to give you the healthy mouth you need. Also visit the dentist regularly or whenever the need arises.

  1. Don’t use your hands to wipe off sweat

For all gym rats, it is a bad habit to reach up and wipe with the same hands that have touched over a thousand different bacteria in the previous hour. Using a small towel, or even grabbing your shirt in a quick attempt to dry off, will keep you safer from sicknesses.

  1. Sharing nail clippers

This one seems pretty obvious, but most families and friends do this regularly without thinking of the negative repercussions. Skin breaks or gets cut often when trimming nails, opening the door to bacteria and dirt. Get your own mani-pedi kit when you can afford to.

  1. Sharing earphones:

We’re long past the days of metal headbands and black foam earpieces – these things go inside your ears! There are enough earphones and headphones in the market to go round without having to borrow someone else’s, along with whatever contaminations they have in their ears.


Be mindful if your hygiene and your body, long after now, will thank you for it!