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Unimaginable, unbelievable and unbeatable Black Friday and Cyber Monday Discounts are coming to you from the Deal Stables of DealDey.   What’s that dream product you’ve always wanted?   The iPhone 6? The HTC N8? Or could it simply be a ravishing night with your darling at Radisson Blu Anchorage Hotel?   Brace up for prices you’ve never […]

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damp trap

Wolf Series: Damp In The ...

 I happened to stumble on the product on DealDey for just N999 and since I’ve been having mould problems lately…  that price? Mehn, I really have got nothing to lose. Told my guys about the product since we all stay in the same area and experience similar problem with mould messing our stuff up, especially […]

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Get Exclusive Offers from...

This November, give yourself the best shopping experience around.    DealDey.com is making room for her subscribers and buyers across Nigeria to put a face to the name at the 2014 International Trade Fair holding at Tafawa Balewa Square, Lagos.   DealDey will be selling a wide range of merchandise to customers online and offline as physical products […]

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hotels blog

Hotels: The Best Relaxati...

The average Nigerian thinks of relaxation and all that comes to his mind is a long Saturday morning in bed… or a Friday night out with the guys over a few drinks, listening to some nice music. Actually, that’s becoming outdated. Today, relaxation can be you enjoying an activity and still find yourself resting at […]

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Mobile Devices: The Agony...

This is the age of Mobile. If you don’t have a Mobile device, you probably don’t even belong to this age, because even the mama selling you pepper in the market and the conductor of your bus has got a Mobile Device. And yes, they use “Whoz-up” too. We’re sure every DealDeyholic has a Mobile […]

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Dealdey Celebrates Custom...

We’ve come to a conclusion about you Dear Customer, We’re convinced that you along with other DealDey shoppers are super-different from every other customer out there. Here goes our list of “Thank you!” Thank you for your patronage, Thank you for every time you gave us the pleasure of serving you. Thank you for making […]

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