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PRESS REPLAY: Code of Lif...

Code of Life store 1 is still less than 2 months behind us and Dealdey has done too well to bring it back. Yaaay! Who else is excited? This Friday 27th of March, the Code of Life is getting activated again. If you didn’t win the cash-back the last time, we brought it back just […]

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DealDey Add More Pickup C...

We are excited to inform our highly esteemed customers that in our expedition to serve you better and provide quality service nationwide we now have a partnership agreement with FedEx who has a pedigree in courier services and have their tentacles spread across the country to combine their locations as part of our pick up […]

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Download DealDey Mobile A...

On your mark! Get set……… Hey Dealdeyholics! It’s time we take your online shopping experience to the next level with DealDey mobile App which will be launched officially on 16th of march 2015! You can now shop on the go and still experience quality service. There is so much to anticipate, this Mobile App has amazing features that […]

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What does it mean to be Fashionable? Does is have to always cost a lot of money to fit into the definition of that word? That word gets thrown around a lot of times you become so overwhelmed and can’t wrap your head around its meaning. Fashionable babe, fashionable guy, Fashionable chic, Fashionable attire, this, […]

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Ghen Ghenn! DealDey is at it again. Of course you can always trust us for the best, most ridiculous and deepest discounts on products and service deals that will make you go jaw dropping like Ahn Ahnnn! But this time, it’s about to go down low (like really low). Awoof unlimited is about getting your […]

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This season of Love is better spent with your sweetheart seeing this stage play written by J.P Clark and directed Agozie Ugwu. I can remember reading J. Clark’s The wives’ revolt novel as a little boy and can still remember how much of an absolute stunner it is. This stage play promises to be thrilling […]

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10 Valentine’s Day Gift...

Valentines is about love and love is about sharing. Apart from the traditional box of heart shaped chocolates, there are even more inventive and sweet options to consider. I curated a list for you guys and you can simply order from the Dealdey L’amour store by clicking on them. 1. Ladies Lingerie & Thong Pants No one […]

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