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DealDey Movie Ticket Give...

Alright guys, here’s a surprise for you. iT’S A BIG ONE… so, breathe in, and breathe out! Today’s DealDeyholic Show on Cool FM will be taking a new turn. No, the deal of the day isn’t going to be more expensive. No, we are not scrapping the show. We’re doing something awesome! Listen in on […]

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Does Cheap mean Low Quali...

I always meet people that believe that the more expensive a product, the better quality it is. Well… *scratches head* I couldn’t but think that it is easy for me to have such people as my clients, so I can sell products purchased at a discounted price for a very high price. “Plenty money for […]

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Introducing our all-new C...

Are you a merchant, distributor or importer? Do you have slow-moving/open-box inventory that has been a source of worry to you for a while? Electronics? Home Appliances? Gadgets? Furniture? Are you already counting losses on the stock-pile of inventory that can still bring you some returns to you if fed to the right audience? Seeking a […]

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Going for an Interview so...

Nowadays, young folks are so quick to apply for a job and so slow to prepare for the interview. We were able to milk these few questions here and there, just to give a heads up to every young/intending professional out there. What are your strengths/weaknesses? (do you speak well, type fast, proffer solutions in tough […]

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Lagosians, how has life b...

This might only relate to our peeps in Lagos. So, let’s rock ‘n’ roll Gidi! Just had to ask, knowing that its rainy season and can’t help but notice the crowds at several major bus stops. Back in the day (before the Okada ban), wild Lagosians would take bikes from Ikorodu to the Island and […]

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Iran v Nigeria: Group F - 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil

Are the Super Eagles goin...

Nigeria! The match started out looking hopeful with the usual cheer from the crowd. Predict and win games were all over the Social Media, with 90% of Nigerians predicting a 2-1 win for Nigeria. The other 10% actually predicted a draw, but hey… who cares? Nigeria was sure to be the winning team. So, back […]

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dd-blog 2

Dealing with not-so-nice ...

Picture this: A fine sunny afternoon, a pretty young lady out for a walk spots a fairly good –looking bloke, attractive features and smartly dressed from afar walking towards her direction; she’s looking forward to their paths crossing…he breezes by her and just as she was about to turn back to say hello, her mouth […]

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dd blod - money

Money… the rebellio...

For many of us money is a rebellious teenager. Despite our best efforts, it proves difficult to control. Our money comes and goes as it pleases. And worst yet, we are often too timid, scared or tired to put our money in its place. Stop being a bystander. Take charge, Give your Awolowos, Bellos, and […]

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Quotes from Dr. Maya Ange...

A woman who has touched hearts across the world with her wisdom and insight, Maya Angelou’s words have guided so many people especially black women through so many moments in their lives. Her words gave reason to pause and reflect, and her booming voice, matched by her stature, makes one stop in their tracks. Here […]

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dd-blog work 3

“Face your work!”

“Uche, face your work!” Lol. Sure we all remember that amazing line from the popular phone call made by a multinational Telecoms Call Centre agent to a customer. Remember that the woman asked her to “face your work.” How many of us actually “face our work” when we get to our offices? What does it […]

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